A Weekend in Venice – How Much Does a 3 Day Venice Trip Cost?

Me and hubby spent 3 nights in Venice this September for his birthday treat. Although its an expensive place to visit for a weekend trip you should go just once to experience it.

I’ve just got round to totting up our 3 day Venice trip cost and I won’t lie I was pretty gobsmacked. Keep reading so you can adequately plan for your own trip, with no nasty surprises.


We stayed at the Rio Hotel which was so conveniently located, it was literally a minute walk from the water taxi stops and a few minutes from St Marks Square. You can probably get cheaper accommodation but as we were only here a short time we prefer to be closer to the action!

Cost for 3 nights £409 (Per night £136.33)

Venice Budget



To get to Venice from the airport you can take a water taxi which is what we did. We also used the water taxis to visit Murano and Burano.

  • Water taxi to and from the airport £53 (£13.25 each way per person)
  • Day water taxi pass to Murano & Burano £35 (£17.50 per person)

Total spent £88 

Venice Budget


Food & Drink

We ate out at restaurants 4 times during our 3 night stay. For a cheap lunch we generally got take away pasta pots from Dal Moro’s (highly recommended!) We also bought quite a lot of cakes and gelato, because why not!

  • Restaurants £178 (£44.50 per meal for 2 people)
  • Takeout lunch £41 (£13.67 per meal for 2 people)
  • Cakes, gelato & drinks £48

Total food & drink £267 (£89 per day)

Venice Budget


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We visited the Damien Hirst ‘Treasures from the Wreck’ art exhibition, climbed the top of the bell tower in St Marks Square, watched a glass making demonstration on Murano and took a ride in a gondola.

  • Exhibition £32 (£16 per person)
  • Bell tower £14 (£7 per person)
  • Gondola ride £90 (per gondola, takes 4/5 people but there was only 2 of us)
  • Glass making demonstration £6 (£3 per person)

Total spent £140 

If you eliminate the waaaaaay overpriced gondola ride you can clearly save some money here!



Okay so these aren’t a necessary expense at all but we bought a couple of presents, some glass from Murano and magnets to add to our growing collection!

Total spent £73 

Venice Budget



Obviously this will depend where you are coming from as to the price. We flew from London Gatwick with budget carrier Monarch Airlines. This was literally the month before they went into administration, we were so lucky.

  •  Flight £158 (£79 per person)
  • Extra legroom seats £48 (£24 per person)
  • One case £48

Total cost £254 (£127 per person)

Venice Budget


Car Parking

We paid to park at Gatwick for 3 nights rather than take a taxi to the airport.

Total cost £54 


3 day Venice trip cost breakdown for 2 people

  • Accommodation £409
  • Transport £88
  • Food & Drink £267
  • Activities £140
  • Souvenirs £73
  • Flights £254
  • Car Parking £54
  • TOTAL £1,285 (£642.50 per person)

Venice Budget


3 day Venice trip cost for 2 people – daily breakdown

  • Accommodation £136
  • Transport £29
  • Food & Drink £89
  • Activities £47
  • Souvenirs £24
  • TOTAL £325 (£162.50 per person)

I haven’t included flights in the above as these can vary greatly in cost, so this is just the breakdown of what you will spend when you are there.

Venice Budget

So there you have it. Over a thousand pound for a long weekend 🙁

Would I do it again? Definitely not.

But I don’t regret experiencing it just the once.

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