The Best 99p Amazon Kindle Book Deals – October 2021

My favourite thing ever is finding a fantastic kindle book on sale for 99p. I refuse to buy them otherwise, so I have a bit of a habit of checking out the deals regularly.

I've scrolled through every single book in the kindle deals and compiled my pick of the best 99p Amazon kindle book deals for October 2021.


This article contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a small commission if you use my links, at no extra cost to you.

I plan to update this post on the 1st of every month, so feel free to bookmark it, or follow along on my socials where I will share it. 

Sometimes I may include books in my list which are in the deals but are more than 99p, but only if I think they are worth it.

Disclaimer: Prices were correct at the time of posting. As Amazon's book prices change all the time, finding a book listed below is no guarantee that it is still on offer. I recommend if you see one you are interested in below, to snap it up fast. 

My Top Picks of the October 2021 99p Kindle Book Deals

Clicking on any photo will take you to the book on Amazon.

Enjoy your new kindle bargains!

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