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2 Weeks in The Land of Fire and Ice – An Iceland Road Trip Budget

Next Spring I will finally be taking on one of my bucket list adventures. A 2-week road trip around Iceland. Iceland has been on my radar for what seems the longest time. Its natural beauty has captivated me and I simply cannot wait to see it with my own eyes.

Waterfalls, geysers, canyons, glacier lagoons, hot springs, lava fields, fjords… why would you not want to visit this enchanting place?

We (me & my hubby) chose Spring because it is slightly cheaper in the shoulder seasons but the days are still relatively long. We may not get to see the northern lights but compromises had to be made.

Now let’s get into what you came here for, the budget. I have done hours of research on this topic as I don’t like to just jump in and start booking without some thought. It’s important that we can save up enough money before Spring to make this trip a reality.

So, here it is, our Iceland road trip budget. Lets see if you can take your own Icelandic adventure too!

2 Weeks in Iceland – A Road Trip Budget

Iceland road trip budget - seljalandsfoss waterfall


We are not going the camper van or camping route as we aren’t that hard-core! For us it will be B&B’s and hopefully a few nights in those cute little cottages I keep seeing in blog posts.

Budget: £100 per night – Total £1,400

Iceland road trip - jokulsarlon lagoon

Car Hire

I think we will hire a 4×4 so we can tackle some of the F roads if the fancy takes us. Being Spring there may still be snow about so I’d like to be prepared.

Budget: £50-£60 per day – Total Say £800

Iceland road trip - icelandic horses


Obviously this can vary greatly so I’ve made a best guess based on other people’s experiences.

Budget: £20-£25 per day – Total Say £300

Iceland road trip - gulfoss waterfall


I’m a fussy eater so I’m pretty sure we won’t be eating in any swanky restaurants. I’m quite looking forward to trying the famous hot dogs.

Budget: £35-£40 per day – Total Say £500

Iceland road trip - skogafoss landscape


Luckily most of the activities we are interested in are free! We may do an excursion or two whilst we are there like snorkelling in the Silfra Fissure.

Budget: Total £400

Iceland road trip - seljalandsfoss


Obviously these vary greatly depending on where you are flying from. We are lucky to be flying from London so we can get good value flights.

Budget: £200 per person – Total £400

Iceland road trip - Iceland mountain landscape

Iceland Road Trip Budget Roundup

  • Accommodation: £1,400
  • Car Hire: £800
  • Fuel: £300
  • Food: £500
  • Activities: £400
  • Flights: £400
  • TOTAL: £3,800 (£1,900 per person)

My Iceland road trip budget is based on two people, me & hubby. Obviously if there are more of you travelling together your car hire and accommodation would be cheaper per person.

Once we have taken our road trip adventure next Spring I’ll make sure to compare our budget with what we actually spent. Keep an eye out for that and feel free to subscribe so you don’t miss it.

Are you planning your own Icelandic adventure? Or have you been already? Let me know in the comments.


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