Singapore & Langkawi Budget Guide – How Much Does a 2 Week Trip Cost?

So you are looking for a Singapore & Langkawi budget guide? Then you have come to the right place!

For my 30th birthday my husband and I took an amazing two week trip to Singapore and Langkawi, Malaysia. After researching things to do in Singapore I realised the usual 3 to 4 day stopover was not going to be nearly enough time. In the end we decided to spend 9 nights in Singapore and 5 nights in Langkawi. (Spoiler alert, 9 nights is still not enough time in Singapore).

I did not have a clue how much this trip was going to cost. I did some quick research on flight costs, saw we were good to go and started booking. Luckily for you I’ve got all the details of what we spent over the two weeks we were in Asia.

This won’t be a how to see Singapore on a budget guide. My husband and myself like a bit of ‘luxury’ so I’d put this in the ‘affordable luxury’ category if there is such a thing. I say luxury because we didn’t really have a budget we just spent what we wanted to and this is what happened…

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So, how much does a 2 week luxury trip to Singapore & Langkawi cost?


I will start with the largest expense, which is always going to be the accommodation. We tend to stay in 4 or 5 star hotels unless we are really stretched for money, this trip was no exception.

For my 30th birthday present my husband paid for us to stay at Marina Bay Sands for 2 nights, an amazing experience (full review to come!) and then we moved on to The Fullerton Hotel for the remaining 7 nights. In Langkawi we stayed at The Danna for 5 nights.

We scored a really great deal on The Danna on Expedia, saving over £1,000 on our room price. Also its worth knowing that these fantastic hotels offer cheaper rooms so you could do this same trip on a smaller budget.


Obviously these will vary depending where you are coming from. We flew from London Heathrow to Changi with Singapore Airlines. Not the cheapest airline, but recently voted the best airline in the world, so we thought we should give them a try.

We then flew from Changi to Langkawi with Air Asia. As it was significantly cheaper to book return international flights, we flew back to Changi before departing for home.

  • London Heathrow to Singapore return flight, Singapore Airlines – £1,600 (£800 per person)
  • Singapore Airlines seat selection – £77 (£38.50 per person)
  • Singapore to Langkawi return flight (including 30kg luggage each), Air Asia – £318 (£159 per person)
  • TOTAL – £1,995 (£997.50 per person)

Food & Drink

We ate at restaurants, hawker stalls and fast food places whilst in Singapore. Obviously the prices of these vary greatly. If you solely eat at hawker stalls you really could save some money here. In Langkawi we ate at the hotel restaurants and grabbed some fast food in town. These figures also include alcohol which can be expensive in Singapore.

  • Singapore – £855 / £95 per day (£427.50 per person / £47.50 per day)
  • Langkawi – £406 / £81 per day (£203 per person / £40.50 per day)
  • TOTAL – £1,261 / £90 per day (£630.50 per person / £45 per day)

FYI The Singapore total does include a slight anomaly, a £200 birthday dinner at Lavo, Marina Bay Sands. If you exclude this, and bring in say £50 for that dinner instead, it brings the daily average to £78 per day.



We used taxis in Singapore to get to and from the airport and to and from the Zoo just for the convenience. Every other day we used the MRT (train) to get around Singapore, there are stations everywhere you will want to go. For the MRT you can buy a Singapore tourist pass for 1, 2 or 3 days which you just tap on the barriers like the Oyster card in London. You pay a 20SGD deposit which is returned when you return the card. We bought a 3 day pass twice, it is so cheap compared to London.

  • Taxis, Singapore – £63 (£31.50 per person)
  • Train, Singapore – £46 (£23 per person)
  • Taxis, Langkawi – £15 (£7.50 per person)
  • TOTAL – £124 (£62 per person)


We always buy bits and bobs when we go away. Obviously these costs are totally optional and there is no need to spend a penny here. We make sure to get a fridge magnet from every new place we go to, to add to our collection!

  • TOTAL – £85


  • Tourism tax in Langkawi (added to hotel bill) – £14 (£2.80 per night)
  • Rain ponchos at Singapore Zoo (it hammered down!) – £4 (£2 each)
  • Airport parking (Business long stay) – £162 (£11.60 per night)
  • TOTAL – £180

Grand totals – Singapore & Langkawi budget guide. How much does a luxury 2 week trip to Singapore & Langkawi cost?

  • Hotels – £4,077
  • Flights – £1,995
  • Food & Drink – £1,261
  • Activities – £345
  • Transport – £124
  • Souvenirs – £85
  • Sundries – £180
  • GRAND TOTAL – £8,067 / £576 per day (£4,033.50 per person / £288 per day)

There is no denying Singapore is not cheap. But I enjoyed this holiday so much that I do not regret a single penny we spent, and I’d do it all over again without hesitation.

Singapore I have a feeling we will be back one day as there are so many more things to see!

Have you been to Singapore? Did you find it expensive? Let me know in the comments!

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